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Zumba Classes in Felixstowe:
Sunday 7pm: Felixstowe Leisure Centre
Wednesday 8pm: Felixstowe Leisure Centre

Zumba Gold Classes in Felixstowe:
Thursday 1:40pm: Trimley Sports & Social Club

Zumba Classes in Ipswich:
Tuesday 7pm: Greshams Sports & Social Club, Tuddenham Road

£5 per class and no membership required at any class.

Ditch the workout, join the party!

Join the party in 2014...

All classes recommence from Tuesday 8th January 2014 - time to join the party!

Harlem Shake!

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Equipment Considerations

Participants should wear:
- comfortable active clothing that is not restrictive and allows for appropriate cooling for the thermoregulation of the body
- comfortable shoes with plenty of cushion and lateral support; typically an aerobics or court shoe. Avoid running shoes as they have been designed primarily for forward movement only.

Bring plenty of water too!

Participants should be 14 years of age or over.

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